Business Safety
and Security Management for SMEs

What do we strive for? is supposed to be a new, specialized Internet Platform that aims at supporting resilience building, risk management and business continuity management, and providing the resources that are necessary to support the sustainable growth of small and medium-sized companies. Our goal is to encourage business owners, managers, and experienced as well as beginning entrepreneurs to get interested in acquiring the interdisciplinary knowledge encompassing business safety and security and all the related issues.
Let’s band together with a common aim of creating:

  • a complex set of analytical tools;
  • a unique base of knowledge;
  • a training center with the courses conducted by professional advisers and counselors, which is at the same time a great opportunity to exchange experiences.

International forum for experience exchange

There will be two language versions of our Platform. The material at will be presented in English as it is to be a forum where specialists and entrepreneurs from all around the world will have the opportunity of exchanging knowledge and experience.

A counterpart website, which is, will be a Polish version of the Platform with the material presented in Polish as it is being developed in Poland and is going to be a starting point for promoting business continuity management and building enterprise resilience for the companies operating in Central and Eastern Europe.

Three sections of the Internet Platform

The Platform relies on three main sections that constitute three complete, coherent and interrelated segments filled with the specialized knowledge and counseling. When it comes to risk management, business continuity management or resilience building, it is of crucial importance to provide the Platform Users with theoretical knowledge as well as its practical use through the opportunity to work with experienced advisors and counselors in the field. Taking part in discussions, learning from other people’s or mentors’ experience and analyzing or studying different cases together is something what should make our Platform stand out from the crowd, and you can be part of it!

10 themes of knowledge

  • Business continuity management
  • Risk management
  • Financial security
  • People and competencies
  • Information security and communication
  • Strategy and business activity
  • Leadership and management
  • Change management
  • Legal security
  • Technical safety

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